About Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel speaks frequently to diverse groups like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Nestle, Procter and Gamble, Unilever and has shared the stage with former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters and Dr. Phil. As a professional speaker, Mitch is represented exclusively by Greater Talent Network in the U.S. and by Speaker's Spotlight in Canada.



Reboot your business... your future depends on it

There are five new movements that have changed business forever and yet, the vast majority of brands are doing nothing about it. The next five years of business will be about the convergence of these five major movements that will require companies to adapt like never before. Adapt or die? Some will struggle with this shift while others will simply roll along as the adoption incurs. The trick is in capitalizing on this moment in time, understanding these movements and being ready for your future (a future that will move at a much quicker pace). We have the technology. We have the data. We have the new media channels and platforms. We have the opportunity to publish whatever we want - in text, images, audio and video - instantly (and for free) to the world. What we do with this moment will be telling. It will also set the pace for everything that flows out of our brands for the next decade. The opportunity is now. Take charge of your future. This is your reboot.

The One Screen World

How business success is driven in a world of Web, mobile and touch

More people in the world have a mobile subscription than people with access to safe drinking water a bank account or television. That is staggering. Four years ago the iPad didn't exist. Today, tablets outsell all personal computer manufacturers. In a world of over 350 million PCs, we currently have close to two billion mobile handsets in market. The iPhone 5 sold 2 million units in its first 24 hours. Make no mistake about it, mobile is not just about sending SMS offers to consumers. In the new world, everything from iPads and smartphones are changing the way we work, interact, communicate and connect. As each day passes we are untethering from desktops and physical locations more and more. In this eye-opening presentation, Mitch Joel unravels the truth behind the drive towards the mobile economy and what this means to your business, how you connect and yes, even your advertising. If you thought the Internet, social media and e-commerce changed everything, just wait and see what this great untethering is going to unfold.

Sex With Data

The shift from analytics, data and consumer intimacy to true loyalty.

When businesses and professionals hear words like "data," "analytics," and "loyalty programs" their eyes tend to glaze over. Then again, there is nothing sexier about a hyper-loyal customer and how their spread the good will of a brand. This session is not about loyalty programs or consumer data, it's about understanding that we now live in a day and age where everything is measurable, actionable and able to be optimized in near real time. With cheap, simple (and sometimes free!) monitoring and measurement services, brands are able to dig a lot deeper to better understand the level of credibility, sentiment and importance of the customers who are sharing critical feedback and information. The reboot comes from rethinking data, loyalty programs, customer data and sentiment monitoring as it evolves and becomes more human. These new relationships not only drive profit, but also create true economic value to the brand. This level of customer intimacy coupled with this new, Social CRM revolution is going to pivot business and marketing from an analytics-driven world to one where we're able to build intimacy through a combination of valuable offers, relevant content and marketing initiatives that are more in-line with the customer's lifelong brand journey.

Six Pixels of Separation

How business connects in a connected world

Companies still struggle to understand digital marketing as a new generation of opportunities unfolds. Consumers have never been so powerful. Consumers have never been so connected. Mitch Joel unravels the fascinating world of digital marketing, mobile and social media. Learn how these marketing touch points are creating points of engagement where the results are staggering and customer loyalty is off the charts. Companies Apple Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter control every boardroom discussion in relation to growing market share and new marketing opportunities. Learn how to take part in these brave new media communities and conversations.

Squiggle Your Career

How to stay employable in the next five years.

In his latest book, CTRL ALT Delete, Mitch Joel provokes with a very powerful question: do you want to be employable in the next five years? While some may scoff at this thought, Mitch has uncovered seven triggers that all of us need to possess to best navigate this time of innovation and uncertainty in business. There is no gold watch in your future. Instead, Mitch will introduce you to the concept of squiggle and how the most interesting and fascinating work is coming from people who did not have a very linear career path at all... it was (and still is) squiggly. In Squiggle Your Career, attendees will better understand how they can shift from just doing a job to doing the work that they were meant to do.

The Constant Shopper

How business connects to an always-connected consumer

Retail, consumerism and how we buy has changed in the past few years, like never before. How we buy has so fundamentally changed, that it's not uncommon to hear the question: "do shopping centers have a future?" It's important to understand the new retail landscape. When e-commerce first kicked in, it was clunky (some would argue that it's still a little clunky). Dynamic merchandising is a challenge online. Consumers are mostly looking at products in a thumbnail-like photo and the process lacks a brand experience where serendipity meets exploration. Online, we tend to shop for the things we've indentified, while retail outlets can suck consumers in by surrounding the products we went to the store for with other opportunities. Yes, the e-commerce world has countless stories of brands who have both optimized and perfected the experience (think Amazon, Zappos, Fab, etc...) while retail has continued to evolve their physical experiences in an attempt to make them more engaging to the consumer (think Apple LEGO, Lululemon, etc...). Here's the thing: we don't just shop online at home (or at the office) anymore. We can shop online while we're still in the physical retail space. It's no surprise that mobile changes everything. These smartphones are powerful, connected, social and transactional. As retailers once dealt with the free shipping model that was initiated by e-commerce plays to encourage consumers to buy online instead of at stores, we're now entering a similar phase where retailers are matching the online channels prices in an attempt to curb the activity of showrooming. In this session, brands will better understand the constant, persistent and mobile barrage of consumers being able to buy when, how and where they want and how to build loyalty in a world where the best price is just a finger swipe away.

We, Robots

Future technology trends and jaw-dropping new business scenarios.

Many people are worried that robots are going to steal our jobs. The truth is this: we are the future of robots at work. This is not about subdermal implants or bionic limbs, but it is about the integration of human beings and robots and technology to make us work smarter, faster and more efficiently. In this session, you will begin to understand the next industrial revolution that is centered around wearable technology, the maker movement, robotics, 3D printing, drones, telepresence and more. We are moving from a world of bytes back to atoms and the innovations being developed are going to shape the future of business and the new Internet of things.

Media Hacker

How publishing survives in a world where everyone is a publisher

Take a look around, newspapers, TV stations, radio and even magazines are seeing either stagnant numbers or their revenues disappearing. Currently, Google's advertising revenue is bigger than all of print media combined in the U.S. Beyond filing for Chapter 11 or switching to "digital-first" platforms, there is a bigger change that is taking place. Advertisers are interested in connecting with consumers where they are... and they are online - Web, mobile and touch. In Media Hacker, Mitch Joel explains the dramatic changes that have taken place in the media landscape. You will learn why platforms like blogging, podcasting, online social networks and apps have changed the way people connect with information, and what it's like to live in a world where everyone can (and is) a publisher of content. Get smarter at understanding media and the changes taking place. Let this session be your new media booster-pack.


“Fantastic! Simple and timely... Mitch Joel is an incredible speaker - his thoughts on digital media and where marketing is - or should be going - was bang on!... What wonderful energy and passion... As always, Mitch Joel was enlightening, educating and entertaining. He provokes great thinking and helps marketing traditionalists see the future. The light at the end of the tunnel... Mitch gets our world as Marketers and matches it up with the world, what's coming up in it and how we need to evolve to be effective within it... He gets better every time I hear him... One of the best presentations I have sat through... Unexpected. New language. Not cliché... Mitch is a visionary who gets it... Absolutely fabulous... The best I have seen in many years... Mitch rocks, as usual... WOW!”

CMA - Canadian Marketing Association - 2007 National Convention Keynote Address audience feedback from evaluation forms

“Shop.org works with literally hundreds of speakers every year, and Mitch Joel ranks at the top. He brings timely information to our community and presents it in such a dynamic way that he keeps our audience at the edges of their seats. Plus, from our side, he is a pleasure to work with. Always bringing a can-do and positive attitude to any challenge. If there were more Mitch Joel's in the world, it would be a better place.”


“Starbucks Canada's marketing team often invites inspirational leaders and subject-matter experts to come in and share their thoughts, insights, and ideas on how we can continue to connect with our consumers in a meaningful way, and Mitch Joel is one of the best speakers we've seen. Mitch brings a terrific perspective on new marketing and branding channels that could help any organization engage their consumers, and our marketing team was extremely impressed by his extensive knowledge, entertaining delivery, and obvious passion for what he does. We would highly recommend Mitch as a speaker for any sized event, especially if you're interested in learning not only what works in marketing today, but also what's going to work tomorrow.”

Starbucks Canada

Mitch Joel is one of CMA's highest rated speakers. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Mitch consistently delivers high-energy presentations with cutting-edge information that his audience can use!”

Canadian Marketing Association

Mitch Joel's passion and energy leaps off the stage with every word. He delivers insight and experience in a fun, interactive way that really engages the audience and gets people thinking. Mitch received rave reviews from our audience and many requested we have him back to speak again at a future event.”

Association of Internet Marketing & Sales

Mitch Joel has the ability to energize a room from the get-go. Substance and style mix in his approach and it all comes from the heart. Not many public speakers can match Mitch Joel's passion and knowledge. If you have the chance to see him and hear him, don't miss it.”


Mitch Joel's presentation helped us to see that we needed to change the paradigm of how we interacted with our customers. His ideas and insights have led us to new concepts in the development of our brands.”


Mitch Joel was enthusiastic, passionate and inspirational! His presentation was engaging and productive: our all-staff audience was excited with the challenges ahead, and inspired to explore new opportunities to meet the needs and expectations of the 'new' consumer. The combination of strong, compelling messages, the quick-pace and interactive presentation was truly compelling. To have Mitch as our first keynote speaker opened people's minds and spirits to wanting to learn more.”


“Brutally honest... smart... visionary... inspirational... all words I would use to describe Mitch Joel, one of the most exciting, brilliant and motivational thought leaders I have been privileged to hear speak in a very long time...thank you Mitch for your insights, guidance and passion...you've certainly lit a fire under us!"certainly lit a fire under us!”

MECA Communications

Mitch Joel - To be candid: I was beginning to despair just slightly - I'm afraid I found many of the earlier sessions really quite disappointing. I'd deliberately avoided getting too deep into the obvious topics in my opening remarks, thinking that the early speakers would cover all the basic ground for me. By the time we got to lunch, I was starting to think we had a complete flop on our hands.

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that you pretty much saved the first day. In fact - the whole thing would have been a much different and much better event if we'd had you as keynote... If I have anything to do with it, they'll not only invite you back for the next event - they'll give you a much bigger role.”

Canadian Institute

Mitch Joel managed to make a room full of seasoned journalists and writers sit up at attention and think about what they do in an entirely new light. One of our members called him inspiring, while another said it was the best presentation she'd ever seen. High praise from a tough crowd.”

Professional Writers Association of Canada

“An engaging, dynamic speaker, knowledgeable and in tune with his audience's needs and comfort level with social media, Mitch Joel will open the eyes of the non-believers and everyone will leave the room feeling connected and having understood the power of the conversation online.”

NATIONAL Public Relations

Mitch Joel is a very talented presenter; he's extremely quick in adopting new marketing sciences and receives the highest ratings from his speaking classes. As a conference producer it's an honor to recommend Mitch Joel as a speaker, he's one of the best in our industry.”

Internet Marketing Conference

Mitch Joel is an extraordinary passionate individual who thrives on effective communication, clear messages, but always with content and value. He encourages the people he surrounds and manages to connect in a way where he immediately has the trust of the listener. In short, Mitch gets the attention of his audience, period!”

Danish Trade Commission

Mitch Joel's keynote session was a highlight of Melcrum's CommsCanada 2006. A dynamic speaker, he captured the audience's attention and got the room buzzing with new ideas. His session was a real wake-up call for the audience and made for great discussion for the remainder of the conference.”


Mitch Joel can transmit his passion and knowledge easily to an audience. The team learned a lot and was highly motivated after the session, but the most important is that we had a lot of fun learning with him. He is a great speaker.”

Yellow Pages Group

Mitch Joel skilfully delivered an innovative, relevant, and timely keynote on personal branding to an audience of entrepreneurial business and MBA students, university alumni, industry professionals, and university administration that all clung onto his every word. His presentation was highly interactive, full of energy, insightful and inspirational. His message carried on well after the keynote and resonated with the audience in a manner we hoped and knew it would!”

Connect IT Conference 2007