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December 31, 2006 3:42 PM

SPOS #33 - Happy New Year

Welcome to episode #33 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. First off, allow me to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. I'm off to celebrate, but before I do I wanted to post this - the final episode in 2006 of Six Pixels Of Separation. In this episode, there is some great follow-up from last weeks' star-studded Podcasting stars episode and my thoughts on some key learnings from 2006 and what I'm hoping for in 2007 ... enjoy the conversation...

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #33 - Host: Mitch Joel.

- Running time: 47:46.
- Audio comment line - please take note: +1 206-666-6056.
- Please send in questions, comments, suggestions -
- Montreal Podcast Meet-up Recap - along with an audio "hello" from the gang.
- Audio comment from Bryan Person - New Comm Road and Bryper.
- Blogs - A Marketers' Secret Weapon presented by the CMA - Canadian Marketing Association.
- Bryan suggests a new Six Points of Separation (see below - his wish was my command).
- Audio comment from Reid Givens - Return On Intention.
- Audio comment from Bryan Person (yes, a second one...).
- My thoughts on 2006 and what I am looking forward to in 2007 - this is based on the fact that everyone had a say last week (except for me). You can check out the episode here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #32.
- Here's a re-tease from last week - David Jones from Inside PR and PR Works' audio comment (too funny).
- Check out The Engaging Brand Podcast from Anna Farmery and her conversation with me on Personal Branding. It is a two-parter: Episode #051 and Episode #052.
- Six Points Of Separation - Six Ways To Follow-Through and Follow-up After A Conference (suggested by Bryan Person).
- Music from the Podsafe Music Network.
- James Brown - 'Gut Bucket' - R.I.P.

Please join the conversation by sending in questions, feedback and ways to improve Six Pixels Of Separation. Please let me know what you think or leave an audio comment at: +1 206-666-6056.

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #33 - Host: Mitch Joel.

By Mitch Joel


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