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February 19, 201211:02 AM

SPOS #293 - Marketing Leadership With Mark W. Schaefer

Welcome to episode #293 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. Mark W. Schaefer over at Grow Blog is about to publish his second book, Return On Influence - The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing, which dissects the fascinating world of scoring an individual consumer's true influence in the online channels. While this is already a very contentious issue, there's something bigger happening is our online world that bears reflection: what, exactly, is leadership? Is it how many people follow someone on Twitter? Is it the success of a Facebook campaign? What about a successful Blog? In this Podcast, Mark and I debate the merits of true marketing leadership and what brands need to know as they continue to struggle with success metrics and ROI. I should also mention that the audio conversation recorded a little strangely (so apologies for non-perfect audio quality). Enjoy the conversation...

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #293 - Host: Mitch Joel.

Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #293 - Host: Mitch Joel.

By Mitch Joel

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