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Strategist, Data Analytics


This new Strategist, Data Analytics should be a strong communicator, an excellent collaborator with the ability to approach any problem or opportunity with passion and creativity.  This person should be adept in web analytics platforms and preparing and presenting scorecards or dashboards tying together various data streams to both internal and client stakeholders. Reporting to the Data Analytics Manager, you will have a unique opportunity to help develop our new data analytics product and service.

The ideal person is someone that understands what makes social tick and can define and build barometers to communicate success in those channels.  It is important to understand the levers that can be modified to optimize a campaign or a site.  The candidate can listen to a room full of stakeholders and ask the right questions to determine what the objectives need to be in order to achieve and communicate success.  

Specific responsibilities 

  • Ability to look at data from various analytics packages (i.e. Google, Omniture, Webtrends, etc.) and identify patterns
  • Ability to build statistical models that forecast success with a reliable set of numbers
  • Ability to create measurement plans which include KPIs and benchmarks where appropriate, and having a point of view on what needs to be measured in order to gauge the success of a client initiatives
  • Constantly striving to improve reporting and how data stories are told
  • Proactive in helping the rest of team and keeping superiors alerted on key changes on projects
  • Be clear and concise or long and descriptive depending on what the situation calls for
  • Manage entire implementation process which includes creating manifests, using tools like Charles to validate tags, communicating bugs to production staff, and verifying fixes
  • Be detail oriented and don’t make the same mistake twice
  • Intermediate Excel knowledge
  • Understand concepts around optimization such as A/B and multivariate testing and be able to use industry tools (i.e. Test and Target, Content Experiments) to implement testing programs
  • Maintain a sense of humour in situations of great stress and workload
  • A little socially awkward.

Work Experience and Education

  • 3-5 years of related experience in any of the following areas:
  • Database marketing
  • Customer data design, analysis and management
  • Statistical/financial modeling and analysis
  • Web marketing measurement and site analysis
Plus related experience in any of the following areas would be ideal:
  • Programming
  • Usability test design (one-on-one interviews, groups)
  • Data visualization
  • Analytics tools

Competencies required

  • Expertise in various reporting-based technologies and development tools, such as: WebTrends, Omniture, Google Analytics and Excel
  • Strong analytical skills, with very high attention to detail
  • Experience in media a plus
To submit your application

Please send your curriculum vitae at careers@twistimage.com

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