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Gillian Ross - Client Services Director

Gillian Ross

Client Services Director

Gillian is a people person with an analytical mindset and an insatiable curiosity for technology. It is the combination of those qualities that naturally led her to specialize in digital marketing for most of her 15-year career, holding Account and Business Analysis positions in the financial services, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, tourism, retail, telecom and automotive sectors. As Client Services Director at Twist Image, Gillian oversees our core group of clients and is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the client services team across both our Toronto and Montreal offices, as well as the continuing evolution of client services as a discipline within the agency. Gillian loves engaging in deep conversations with her clients, to discover their core business challenges and facilitate meaningful solutions.

Not a fan of Winter, Gillian stays indoors and connects with her creative side through crafting. Using sewing, quilting and needlework, she combines traditional crafts with pop-culture themes to come up with original designs, like her Pac-Man cross-stich. In the Summer, you can find her wherever the fish are biting.

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