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June 9, 2012 8:27 AM

Where Does Creativity Come From?

In short: we don't know.

But... we are learning. Most recently, Jonah Lehrer released his latest book, Imagine - How Creativity Works. The book has become a massive bestseller and, just this week, it was announced that Lehrer is leaving his regular post at Wired Magazine to join The New Yorker (more on that here: Jonah Lehrer Departs Wired for The New Yorker). Imagine is a fascinating journey that looks at everything from the biology behind creativity to where ideas come from. Lehrer recently spoke to the staff at Google about his latest book and his findings behind the mystery that is creativity.

Here's one great hour on the topic of creativity with Jonah Lehrer:

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Pia Kreisman
    Mitch Joel

    The guy is very talented and very idealistic. He is a very good role model to other aspiring artists especially those who are new to the craft. Also, it motivates the people who are trying to make an excuse that they are not creative enough to make something. People should really read his book.

  • Posted by Diogo F
    Mitch Joel

    Did you read the review on The New Republic? Kind of demolished the thing. Not to talk about the so called self plagiarism, which doesn't help.

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