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August 20, 2008 5:43 PM

What Is A Mash-Up?

This is a mash-up...

Two individually awesome things that make up one even more amazingly awesome thing.


(hat tip - Julien Smith)

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Sean McIndoe
    Mitch Joel

    That's my infant daughter's favorite youtube videos. (And yes, I have to strategically turn the volume down.)

    The "let's dub inappropriate content over a kids show" video has been done to death on youtube. But this video, with almost a million views, shows that you can still have a hit with a dead horse if you can do it better than anyone else has been able to.

  • Mitch Joel

    Amazing how much work must go into one of these ...

  • Posted by Rahaf Harfoush
    Mitch Joel

    LOL. It's always a kick to see ernie and bert do stuff like this. :) I think it's an application of muppet gestalt theory. ;)

  • Posted by Robin Browne
    Mitch Joel

    Great job Julien! Now you gotta Photoshop some muppet bling on those fingers, necks and teeth!

  • Julien didn't make the video... he pointed it out to me via Twitter.

    I really do think this is a great mash-up.

  • Posted by mark cigos
    Mitch Joel

    Who would have known.

    Not only did this video put a serious smile on my face, it made one of my top customer's day. So much so, shortly after, my biggest order of the month was gained. Thanks.

    Incredible how they do this. Do you have anything similar to this lying around Mitch? I haven't seen anything of the like. Guess i'm not looking deep enough. The sync is outstanding.

    Whoever did create this, kudos.

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