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February 7, 2007 8:40 AM

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us - And Now For A Video Break

Sometimes a video can say it all.

It's pure genius, and it's called: Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us.

Watch, read, enjoy, share and discuss...

If you enjoyed it, you may want to check out the creators: Digital Ethnography At Kansas State University.

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Steve Mast
    Mitch Joel

    Well that will stop and make you think.

    This is way off tangent, but I find it interesting that the creator of the video is an anthropologist (study of humankind). Makes we think. Can you imagine if business leaders and marketers thought like an anthropologist? Watch, observe and learn from their customers. Hmmm…

    Boy that was off track … anyway, great video.

  • Posted by Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel

    Actually Steve, you're not off track at all. This is becoming much more common in advertising and marketing agencies. The study of everything from evolution to anthropology. Unlocking influence and how communities build are directly related to these sciences and learning more about human beings and how they "are," has become a huge part of the advertising world.

    I remember seeing an article, specifically on this topic - I think it was Fast Company or Business 2.0 - I'll try and dig it out.

    Great insights to spark a new conversation.

  • I covered this video on my blog and in Episode 53 on my podcast. This video is absolutely beautiful, it explains all of the things I find poetic about the web.

    Don't tell anyone but it actually makes me cry sometimes when I watch it.

    It just occurred to me that must be too emotionally invested in my geekiness if a video explaining the emergence of the "semantic web" brings me to tears.

  • Posted by Mitch Joel
    Mitch Joel

    I'm just happy I now know what people are saying when they call it the 'semantic web,' ;)

  • Posted by Donna Papacosta
    Mitch Joel

    Mitch, I've seen a few bloggers linking to this, but I've finally watched it with your prodding. WOW. So beautifully done and so crystal clear.


  • Posted by leon
    Mitch Joel

    I am from Beijing/China. Just let everybody know how far this video already go


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