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October 25, 2008 6:42 PM

Wassup 2008

Very cool video that is not what you think it is.

YouTube - Wassup 2008:

Word is that this is the original cast.

(hat-tip - David Weinberger via Boing Boing).

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Jess Sloss
    Mitch Joel

    That's unreal! Elections are bringing out some great videos. Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted by Michael Calienes
    Mitch Joel

    super smart, wickedly funny, and perfectly poignant. hits all marks -- housing crisis, war, stock market, health care, handling of katrina. the sledgehammer finish successfully returns the "change" message to its creators: the obama campaign.

  • Posted by theWeir
    Mitch Joel

    brilliant, thanks for sharing Mitch!

    Michael captured it brilliantly....

  • I think this is why it has gotten such a huge spread - almost 2,7 million views so far:

    Collective memory
    First of all, most people (at least in the US) has memories of the original Wassup ads. These memories are fond or not so fond, but nonetheless they remind people of something. It is something we can gather around and talk about, because we all recognize it.

    Current events
    Besides the obvious - the US election - the clip touches on a number of issues that are currently on the agenda. Issues like employment, the war in Iraq, health care, the financial crisis, the environment/climate threat etc. The timing of the clip is great.

    This clip has a serious touch to it. It is of course exaggerated, but it is done with humor. We all like to share something funny.

    Obama fans
    From what it seems right now, a little more than half of the voters in the US have an incentive to pass this clip on. By passing it on, they promote their preferred candidate - Obama. I can imagine that McCain fans are not as keen on passing it on.

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