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August 25, 2012 7:14 AM

The Time To Think

Did we used to live in simpler times?

I'm a fan of documentaries. I'm a fan of science fiction. I'm a fan of author, Ray Bradbury. Bradbury died this past June (he would have been 92). Brain Pickings (an excellent website!) posted this amazing 1963 documentary on Bradbury titled, Ray Bradbury: Story Of A Writer. It's a quick view (under 30 minutes) and it's worthwhile on many levels. You get a peak into his creative process, his thoughts for young and aspiring writers and it's also quaint to see what the writer's life was like when the only technology they tinkered with was a typewriter.

This is beautiful...

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Morgan Howard
    Mitch Joel

    Thanks for sharing this great documentary on the life and work of Bradbury. It's very timely considering his recent passing and the naming of "Bradbury Landing".

    There's a wealth of insights to be learned about writing, passion, storytelling and the duality of man.

    "The real fear isn't rejection, but that there won't be enough time in your life to write all the stories in you, so every time I put a new one in the mail I know I've beaten death again."

    Maybe that explains his prolificness.

  • Posted by Beth Thouin
    Mitch Joel

    This is a great video. Thx for sharing!

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