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May 20, 200810:02 PM

The Pulse Of Marketing

Just a thought:

If mass advertising claims to have its finger on the pulse of society, I think Digital Marketing has its finger directly on the throbbing arteries.

Now, back to non-medical references on the power of New Media.

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Zac Martin
    Mitch Joel

    That's a bloody good analogy. Pun intended.

  • Posted by Stefan Holt
    Mitch Joel

    It's not just a finger, because that's analog, it's more like an electrocardiogram. Avinash would have a field day with this analogy! Digital marketing gives us more accuracy in predicting the next big media heart attack. Sorry, enough with the medical analogies, must get back to my patients..err, my clients.

  • Posted by CT Moore
    Mitch Joel

    You should start tweeting stuff like that on a regular basis.

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