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April 11, 200610:03 AM

The Power Within E-Newsletter

With full disclosure, The Power Within is a client of Twist Image. It's definitely one of my personal faves.

On top of that, they have asked me to start speaking at their events. My first gig, will be in London, Ontario in September. I am the Editor for their recently launched e-newsletter. The second issue hit the in boxes this morning and it is chock-full of killer content.

Featured in A Passion For Life - The Official Power Within eNewsletter are articles from Loretta La Roche, Freakonomics co-author Stephen J. Dubner, Chuck Martin, Azim Jamal, CJ Calvert and yours truly.

This issue also highlights the recently published book A Passion For Life by The Power Within Founder and CEO, Salim Khoja.

One of the reasons I am taking the time to Blog about one of Twist Image's client is because I truly believe that The Power Within eNewsletter is an amazing read.

You can check it out online here: A Passion For Life - The Official Power Within eNewsletter.

Be sure to sign up to get your own copy: A Passion For Life - The Official Power Within eNewsletter Sign-Up.

By Mitch Joel

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