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October 18, 200910:06 PM

Sound Marketing

Here is a great (and short) TED Talk from Julian Treasure (author of Sound Business) all about the often-forgotten power of audio and sound in life, business and marketing...

TED - Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us.

(side-bar - while attending my first TED conference a few years back, I spent quite a bit of time watching the live presentations and chatting with Julian. We just happened to meet at the event and stayed connected).

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Alex Ikonn
    Mitch Joel

    Wow.... simply brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing Mitch, this talk totally changed my view on sound.

    Alex "Sound" Ikonn

  • Posted by Matt Searles
    Mitch Joel

    As someone with a graphic design background who went into both media arts and music.. I often wonder why branding guidelines don't take into account sound or kinetic visual experience.. Never mind that traditional branding guidelines have had to deal with issues like how color and type are different on the web... and not always dealt well with this

  • Posted by Gregor Gramlich
    Gregor Gramlich

    Great presentation.

    What is it at 3:54? I first thought it is "Pinball Wizard" from The Who - Tommy, but after listening to some versions of it, I am pretty sure that it is not.

    4:01 from Jaws?

  • Posted by Ian Rountree
    Mitch Joel

    There's a book that's been out for a couple years called "This is your brain on music" - it's a worthwhile read, on its own, and taken with the overtones this TED speech has for business, could be called a How-To for people considering working out soundscapes.

    Very useful, as TED always is. Thanks as always, Mitch.

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