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July 16, 200710:33 PM

Second Life And The Power Of Virtual Worlds - Or How To Really Create An Engaging Brand Experience

The true power of Digital Marketing is not what you can do with an existing campaign online. True power in Digital Marketing comes when, as a Marketer, you can produce something for the environment that you simply cannot do in any other media channel.

Here is a Machinima video from YouTube called, Watch the World(s). It's a bit over four minutes, but worth every second of watching this truly unique Second Life build.

As Marketers, can you imagine immersing consumers in your brand like this?

What's my point?

It's easy for a company to look at building a presence in a virtual world like Second Life and get all hot n' bothered with the PR around hanging ones shingle in a virtual world. The truly big win is to give your consumers an engaging brand experience and, after watching the Watch the World(s) machinima video above, it made me realize that sometimes technology enables us to take something so incredibly classic and eternal and give it an completely new life and perspective. The sum of this creates a deeply memorable consumer brand experience, and that's what Marketing is really all about.

(hat tip C.C. Chapman for pointing out this video).

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by collin
    Mitch Joel

    what a video... breathtaking...

    look at this video with the same song, set to vincent's paintings...



  • Posted by roland
    Mitch Joel

    I am amazed yet again, what people think of and build in second life! the idea to produce an oilpainting in sl is just fabulous!

  • Posted by Peter O'Connell
    Mitch Joel


    First, as art, it was stunning. Creativity and technology merging into something almost anyone can appreciate.

    And after the appreciation comes the question: what's next?

    You're point for anyone involved in creating an interactive experience (be it second life or a web site) is well taken...what's the FULL plan for the user's experience...what will make them want to come back again and again.

    If your goal is to look pretty and be appreciated, then great. But if your goal in the end is to sell will you continually engage the viewer? Suddenly, the creation of the village almost seems like the easy part.

    Best always,
    - Peter

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