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June 30, 200812:18 PM

Passion, Inspiration And A Spectacular Performance By Benjamin Zander

One of the highlight of attending the TED conference this past year was seeing Benjamin Zander in action. He's not only a world-class speaker on leadership and and the co-author of one of my favourite books, The Art of Possibility (along with Rosamund Stone Zander), but he is also the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.

Benjamin Zander's TED Talk brought the crowd to their feet (eyes shining). It's an amazing speech on power of passion, possibility and inspiration.

You would be remised if you didn't spend the next twenty minutes watching this video: TED Talks - Benjamin Zander - Classical Music With Shining Eyes.

I hope it changed your world like it changed mine.

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Ronna Porter
    Mitch Joel

    Inspirational, isn't it. That's why I love working with Michael Spencer - my business partner in Sound Strategies - who is so great at translating the power an emotions of music to business. Music as a dimension of business communications is only just starting to be taken seriously by companies, and it will be fascinating to see which will do this well, and which will fail completely!

  • Posted by Chris Parandian
    Mitch Joel

    Thank you for sharing this video Mitch. I really enjoyed it.

    Best, Chris

  • Posted by Efrain
    Mitch Joel

    What can I say? I've got shinning eyes!

    Thanks for sharing. I can just hope to one day I'll be able to be there at TED.

  • Posted by collin
    Mitch Joel

    Ya big softy :-)

    love it. Thanks for posting this Mitch. I was particularly inspired by the final story about speaking as if each expression was your final words.

    Very wise man.

    all the best

  • Posted by Jon Thomas
    Mitch Joel

    Love TED. There are so many great presentations that it's hard to sift through them all. I appreciate when people pick out the most extraordinary. I'll watch ASAP.

  • Posted by j

    would it be fair to say that techno is the new age form of classical? - does it have the same effects as suggested in this video?

  • Mitch Joel

    Thx, Mitch. Saw yr invite on Twitter and I'm glad I popped over. Ben's 'shining eyes' speech inspired me to share it on my blog too...
    Blessings and lots of shining eyes for you and all whom you interact with...

  • Posted by Simon Burgess
    Mitch Joel

    Thanks for posting that Mitch. Incredibly inspirational.

    It's all about one buttock playing...

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