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December 15, 2005 2:49 PM

Marketing Magazine - Special Edition - Quebec

It came as a little shock to me when I picked up the latest issue of Marketing Magazine today. I knew that an article I had written on the subject of Blogs was going to appear in the Quebec Special Edition, but I was not expecting my picture on the cover.

Pretty cool stuff.

The article titled Blog, Blog, Blog - Marketers need to realize Blogs are more than talking into an unplugged telephone, appears on page eight.

I was approached by Marketing Magazine to give my views on the Blogosphere and Quebec. I focused on a couple of key Blogs, including IPUB and the three that are maintained by Montreal-based Sparkle Like The Stars, Just Ask Leslie and the official Blog.

Overall, the Blog world is alive and well here in Quebec, thank you very much.

By Mitch Joel

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