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April 13, 2012 9:35 PM

Mad Men 2012

There's a new reality show in town... and it's just for you.

AMC has a new original series called, The Pitch, that looks at what it takes to be a leading advertising agency in 2012. It's a weekly series where two agencies pitch for a piece of business. Each agency is given seven days to make it happen. The first episode is available right now for you to watch... and it's right here. It's a super-fun watch...

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Bobby Hewitt
    Mitch Joel

    Looks like I got a new show to watch. Thanks Mitch.

  • Posted by Joey Strawn
    Mitch Joel

    I watched the premiere of that last week and really got a kick out of it. I'll be watching it every time it's on now. Thanks for calling attention to it, Mitch. Looking forward to seeing you in Knoxville in a few weeks!

  • Posted by Robin Pepper
    Mitch Joel

    Yowsers! The Pitch premieres in my classroom next semester. IMC@SLC. Thanks Mitch.

  • Mitch Joel

    I will say that the zAMbies idea wasn't exactly how I pictured it; however, I was disappointed they didn't take the cake.

    As a college student, I think it is definitely relates to my everyday mornings.

    But, to be fair, the rapping idea was well-executed!

  • Posted by Michael Chase
    Mitch Joel

    Just watched The Pitch. It's like going to work. For the entire show I was generating ideas and concepts, while critiquing and modifying the two agency pitches. Not sure if I can do it?!

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