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February 3, 2006 8:48 AM

Joseph Jaffe Goes To The End Zone On Super Bowl Advertising And More

It's definitely the one week of the year where everyone gets in on the advertising craze that surrounds a two and a half million dollar thirty second ad buy on the Super Bowl. For a second, I figured I would just bypass my own thoughts and let the marketing Blogs do their thing, and then I read this post on Jaffe Juice: My Interview On NPR's WHYY, and my decision was made for me.

I downloaded the podcast and listened to nearly sixty minutes of some of the best Super Bowl - and general - advertising insights I had heard in a while. As always, Jaffe brings a fresh, humorous and thought-provoking angle to what we'll see on this given Sunday and what could have been.

I strongly encourage you to take a listen: Joseph Jaffe Interview On NPR's WHYY.

By Mitch Joel

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