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November 24, 200410:25 PM

IT Conversations Website Makes Up In Content What It Lacks In Design

I'm not going to rant and rave about what missing from IT Conversations website in terms of design and sizzle because it's got plenty of steak.

Billed as "New Ideas Through Your Headphones," IT Conversations' website is packed with audio and transcripts of interviews and important events for marketing professionals and general geeks worldwide. I got hooked listening to the Malcolm Gladwell feature, Bruce Mau and, of course, you can't resist Apple Founder, The Woz - Steve Wozniak.

The website idea seems simple enough - click around and listen to great content (or even download it for later). Love the idea, love the content, and love the consistency. Best of all... it's free and all you can eat!

By Mitch Joel


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