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December 4, 2009 8:42 PM

How Mass Media Learns About New Media

In trying to understand the newspaper and publishing industry, there are few brains bigger than Jay Rosen.

Rosen is definitely one of the smartest guys in the rooms when it comes to understanding mass media, new media, journalism and the future of the news business. He's a great voice on Twitter (@jayrosen_nyu) and he's a deep, deep thinker. In this video presentation and Q&A session with professional journalists, Rosen looks at everything from the media to citizen journalism. The most amazing part is that you really feel like a fly-on-the-wall, behind the scenes looking at how journalists are coping in these very interesting times...

Here's a personal/additional thought: the Internet is amazing. How else would we all be able to take part and enjoy this type of content? Always remember, respect and celebrate these amazing times.

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Andy Traub
    Mitch Joel

    As always Mitch, thanks for the connection to great content. You're absolutely right, these are amazing times we live in and even being able to see this information is a testimony to the power of the net.

  • Posted by Tony Karg
    Mitch Joel

    Great info Mitch. Although not in media myself, many of the graphic arts media colleagues I deal with are struggling in this area to understand how best to adapt their practises to the new realities of communication. I think they'll find this very informative. Even as Fujifilm moves into the social media space understanding the journalistic standards needed to produce quality content will be essential to achieving credibility and trust with our core consumer audience.

  • Mitch- Great VIDEO content... Who do you think are going to be the winners in this new economy (Open vs. Closed systems)?

    Until you respond, have a great day....

    Best, Brian-

  • Mitch Joel

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