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June 12, 2005 8:58 PM

George Carlin: Keeping A Website Up To Date Is A Real Pain In The Ass - Thanks BL Ochman

I just got back from a couple of days in the country with some old friends - good laughs, good times and lots of food. The need to Blog is always present. I just came across BL Ochman's latest post, George Carlin: Keeping A Website Up To Date Is A Real Pain In The Ass.

Here it is:

"George Carlin on why his website isn't up to date:

'Well, I finally found out that trying to keep a website up to date while still maintaining a full career schedule is a real pain in the ass. So here I am again, after about a six-month absence. This website stuff is a real bother, because it lacks instant gratification. There's no psychic payoff. All the other things I do give me a charge and a lift. This seems more like doing homework. F*** that shit!'

I bet a lot of Bloggers agree with him," says BL Ochman

While people try and figure out why to have a website and if they should maintain a Blog, it's probably important to think about George Carlin's words prior to taking it on. Blogs work if you have something to say but, more importantly, have the desire to do it, maintain it and create a resonating space.

By Mitch Joel

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