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April 26, 2007 9:57 PM

Don't Read This - Just Go And Download Ad Age's 2007 Digital Fact Pack Guide To The Digital Marketing World

Special thanks to Michal for jumping on this before I even got a chance to see it in Google Reader, but Ad Age released their Digital Fact Pack - Guide To The Digital Marketing World. Last year's was brilliant and this one is chock full of great insights and information. In fact, there's almost too much information here. From stats and usage to the top advertisers and so much more.

Yes... that good. Why they don't charge for this is beyond me? (well, for one, it is ad supported).

Here are some of the highlights according to the Ad Age news item that launched the 2007 Digital Fact Pack Guide:

"Big players continue to dominate online advertising, thanks to both their audience scale and their ability to re-aggregate smaller, disparate audiences. The top 10 online properties took in 99% of 2006 gross online ad revenue. Net online ad revenue is a slightly less stilted story, but continues to illustrate that when it comes to online ad revenue, the Long Tail of the web has a big, fat head (Page 11).

After breaking onto the scene a few years ago, social networking is flourishing. MySpace and Facebook continue to defy gravity, growing 72.5% and 59.2% (Feb. '07 vs. Feb. '06), respectively, and, depending on what surveys you use, advertisers are set to spend between 4.7% and 7.7% of their online ad budgets on the space (Pages 20 and 46)."

There is just so much goodness in this. Go and grab your copy now: Ad Age's 2007 Digital Fact Pack Guide To The Digital Marketing World.

By Mitch Joel

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