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January 2, 201011:52 PM

Don't Look Back In Anger - Social Media 2009

Rob Cottingham is a clever and creative Marketer. If you have not followed his Noise To Signal cartoons, you should.

Cottingham put together this retrospective on Social Media in 2009 through a timeline of his cartoons.

Enjoy: 2009 In Social Media:

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by John W. Furst
    Mitch Joel

    Interesting, I remembered some of those happenings and events but didn't remember that well when it had happened.

    Love the music by the way. I guess I should tell Rob.

    • Posted by Rob Cottingham
      Mitch Joel

      You just did, John - thanks! :-)

      And thank you, Mitch. That video was kind of a labour of love, and I'm delighted it's reached so many people - thanks so much for helping it on its way.

      Happy new year to you and the entire 6PoS community!

  • Posted by Cynthia Davis
    Mitch Joel

    Rob, thanks for the video! Needed some belly laughs this morning.
    Happy New Year

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