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October 25, 200710:05 AM

Canadian Marketing Association - Digital Marketing Conference - Follow Along On Twitter

I'm in Toronto at the CMA - Canadian Marketing Association Digital Marketing Conference today. It's a sold-out crowd and because I know how terrible I am at live Blogging, I will be giving tons of twitter today live (and as the day unfolds).

Now's your chance to get twitter, join and find out all about micro-Blogging.

Here's a sample of my last tweet on twitter: "Chuck Porter on social networks: 'they are digital tupperware parties.' Big question: are Marketers invited to these parties?"

You can follow my insights, quotes and thoughts here: Mitch Joel - twitter.

UPDATE: Going to have to cancel Geek Dinner tonight. Something came up (it's all good). Feel free to self-organize and meet-up without me.

By Mitch Joel

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