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October 17, 2010 1:19 PM

Building A Referral Engine With John Jantsch

Episode #224 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

If you are a small to medium-sized business owner (aka a SMB), then you should be following John Jantsch and his amazing system, Blog, Podcast and best-selling business book called, Duct Tape Marketing. John brings smart, easy and practical marketing tips and strategies to get small business owners to better understand Marketing and its relevance in the growth of a business. He just released his latest book, The Referral Engine, and it's great for businesses of every size (so get it, read it and do what it says). John first joined me on episode #186 of this Podcast, so it's a real pleasure to have him back. Enjoy the conversation...

You can grab the latest episode of Six Pixels of Separation here (or feel free to subscribe via iTunes): Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast #224.

By Mitch Joel

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