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May 13, 2005 7:49 AM

B.L. Ochman's Blog - What's Next Blog - Looks At Successful Bloggers

I've been a big fan of B.L. Ochman's Blog, What's Next Blog, for quite some time (in fact, even prior to it becoming an official Blog). B.L. Ochman's personal take on public relations, press releases, Blogs and the Internet have always been intuitive and accurate.

One of B.L. Ochman's latest initiatives can be read in her What's Next Blog post titled, What's Next Blog's Successful Bloggers Interviews: Steve Hall of Adrants on How to Pay the Mortgage Blogging.

This new series that will be featured on What's Next Blog is an ongoing addition that will include interviews on the business models used by successful Bloggers. B.L. Ochman's definition of "successful" is: "different things to different Bloggers. Handfuls have monetized the model with advertising. Others use their blogs as a way to sell their goods and services," says Ochman.

The first is with Steve Hall from Adrants, who is one of a few individuals that has been able to monetize the Blog space.

Ochman promises that upcoming features will include: Steve Rubel, Alice Marshall, Dana Blankenhorn, Seth Godin, Rebecca MacKinnon and more.

Another component that I enjoy about B.L. Ochman's What's Next Blog is that when she does post something more interesting or unique than usual - she sends a super-brief email to those who have signed-up to notify them. Yes, What's Next Blog has RSS feeds but sometimes it's nice to get that reminder email and brief overview from B.L.

By Mitch Joel

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