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June 4, 2007 6:05 AM

Apple iPhone - June 29th In The U.S. - What About Canada?

Several months back (and since) I have been waxing poetic about the pending release of the Apple iPhone. It was announced that the iPhone will be launched on June 29th in the United States on AT&T, but there has been limited information about when the iPhone will come out in Canada (although we do know it will be initially launched through Rogers).

The hype continues as the first commercial was just released on YouTube yesterday:

I believe this is a game-changing device (or "thing" - as Don Tapscott calls them). I wish I had more of an idea about how the thumb-typing will work for email (one of my main activities) and how (or if) this will impact Blackberry.

In the meantime, have you been thinking about how your marketing will change when it must be ported to devices with screens and usability like this?

Still not sure this device will change the mobile landscape? Maybe this one will help convince you:

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Stephan Lukac
    Mitch Joel

    Definetely a "revolutionary" product, but perhaps just as revolutionary as the iPhone are the ads. No not the ads created by Apple but rather the ads created by the hundreds of Apple fans. Here are two of the many that I found on youtube, a testament of the power of user generated communication:

    With regards to your question about the future of marketing and the iPhone... I'm looking forward to the GPS/Localization possibilities. Imagine widgets that you download to help you find the closest Tim Hortons, Shoppers, etc. From cross promotions to even loyalty points that can be obtained for every search, the future is coming ( but perhaps a weee bit later for us Canadians!)

  • Posted by William
    Mitch Joel

    so when is it coming out in Canada? late 2007 in europe, early 2008 for asia, WHAT ABOUT CANADA?? its the country right beside... damn

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