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January 3, 2008 6:31 PM

8 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I'm getting tagged all over the place for this 8 Things You Don't Know About Me Blog chain letter thing. I already took part in a similar one back in December 2006 - Five Things Meme - Tag, Who's Next?. This time time, I got tagged by Collin Douma at Radical Trust and Dave Fleet over at Fleet Street. I usually don't like these types of link baiting activities, but I have to admit that I really do love reading what others reveal.

Here are 8 more things you didn't know about me:

1. I love watching G4 Tech TV. I'm not a big TV guy, and I actually don't own any video game platforms, but watching that channel makes me feel "in the loop."

2. I'm a huge fan of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music. I grew up on bands like Kiss, Van Halen, Metallica, Anthrax and Iron Maiden. I still, sometimes, crank the old tunes. Yup. I was (still am) a headbanger.

3. Prior to Twist Image, I started a record label - Distort Entertainment - with a business partner. We signed the band, Alexisonfire. A little while after I left the label to do the Twist Image thing, the band broke big. They've gone platinum-plus, have released their discs in multiple countries and have won both Juno and MuchMusic Awards over the years. It gives me a huge sense of pride to watch their success.

4. I keep secrets very well. Both mine and other people's.

5. I don't like nature. I'm terribly bad at outdoor stuff like camping, skiing, hiking, etc... I'm way more of a Concrete Jungle type of cat.

6. I can't cook to save my life. I'm not even sure how to boil water. Not being able to cook is one of my greatest regrets.

7. I play the electric bass and some guitar. I even studied the electric bass in the Music program at the college level. I played in a couple of bands and have performed live - but nothing major. I still have both an electric bass and an acoustic guitar in my home office that I, occasionally, strum.

8. I love shopping. Everything from shopping malls to flea markets. I can't walk by a Future Shop, Best Buy or Indigo Books without walking in. This includes clothing stores too (black only... but that, you knew ;). I love the smell of commerce in the morning (to quote the movie, Mallrats).

To keep the linkbaiting going, here are the eight people I'm tagging (let's hope they all take part and tag eight more people) - Chris Brogan - Julien Smith - Hugh McGuire - Casey McKinnon - Avinash Kaushik - Bryan Eisenberg - Joseph Jaffe - Shel Holtz.

By Mitch Joel

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  • Posted by Dave Fleet
    Mitch Joel

    Hi Mitch. Looks like we have similar taste in music!

    I had no idea you signed Alexisonfire - I love those guys! One of the best live shows I've been to was Alexisonfire at the Reverb in Toronto last year - Billy Talent made a surprise appearance and opened for them. Fantastic night.

  • Posted by Eden Spodek
    Mitch Joel

    Mitch, you never cease to amaze me. The first seven didn't surprise me much and I knew a couple already. But #8, I never would have guessed. Boy, you really are good at keeping secrets!

  • Posted by Valeria Maltoni
    Mitch Joel

    We have 4, 5, 6, 8 in common. We must meet when I'm up in Montreal, hopefully next summer ;-)

    And my niece started and plays electric guitar in a metal band -- she is also the writer and composer.

  • thanks for the comments. Looks like we have a bunch of shopping metalheads as the core demographic to Six Pixels of Separation :)

  • Posted by Bryan Person
    Mitch Joel

    Geez, Mitch, I'm hopeless in the cooking department for the most part, but even I can boil water!

  • Posted by Andy Strote
    Mitch Joel

    What kind of bass Mitch? I've got a '64 Fender Jazz. Like Jaco's. Excessively hip. Now if only I could play like Jaco...

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